My Story

The Beginning

 Jessica started her business journey with three things in mind — organized, un-clutter and tranquil space. So often we find ourselves pacing through life in a state of chaos. Our environment truly becomes a reflection of what’s within. Here at Dwell Designs Co. we ask you to take a step back and ask yourself, how does your outer environment emulate the world within, and what is taking place?

The Business

How It Started

Jessica’s success comes from intentionally understanding her clients need. Her goal is to offer a solution to an aesthetically tranquil and organized space by creating “a place where time stands still”. She will create functionality, comfort, and style by adding décor that inspires the sense of feeling at home.

Dwell Designs Co. is a faith based interior design and organized space company based in North Scottsdale & Paradise Valley area. Offering modern design solutions for luxurious homes, vacation home rentals, vacation homes, and residential properties.

Read what our Clients are saying


“Jessica and her team blew us away! We trusted her to come up with a plan for our home and she knocked it out of the park. Her style, professionalism ad affordability guaranteed her a job on our next Arizona purchase. Thank you, Jessica!”


South Dakota, USA

“Jessica was absolutely incredible to work with. She made my vision come true. She truly loves what she does and her work comes across in every detail of her designs. More than anything, I trusted all of her decision-making throughout. She was knowledgable, communicative, and she took the time to truly understand me and what I was looking to accomplish. My home now feels like a dream and I am so thankful for her talents in allowing that to be possible. I would recommend her time and time again, and I cannot wait for her to make my next design dream possible”


New York, USA

“Jessica has been a dream to work with! She is fast, efficient and has the ability to create a stylish yet comfortable living space. We have worked with Jessica to make out vacation properties feel like a home away from home. She works within a reasonable budget and would use her again and again! Thank you, Jessica! “

Alan and Lori

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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